Live Attack Maps

A slew of disruptive cyber-attacks has rattled the world, with the corporate sector and government agencies scrambling to address the growing threats. Security analysts and researchers estimate that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion in 2021 and $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, representing the most significant transfer of economic wealth in history. As a result, we are at the moment in time where we can’t ignore it anymore.

But where are these attacks coming from? Who are the threat actors? Frantic internet users and businesses can answer such questions by exploring logs and performing lookups for available intelligence.

In particular, live cyber-attack maps provide information on how to stay ahead of attacks. For instance, the valuable tools graphically show how the internet functions and shows the actors initiating attacks globally. Currently, an attack occurs every 39 seconds as hackers target thousands of websites every day by exploiting vulnerable files, server misconfigurations, human errors, and plugins. With the latest live cyber threat maps, it becomes interesting to watch attacks going on at any given time.

A popular live cyber-attack map is the LookingGlass Phishing/Malicious URL Map – a real-time map showing actual data from threat intelligence feeds such as the LookingGlass Infection Records Data Feed, LookingGlass Malicious URL Data Feed, and the LookingGlass Phishing URL Data Feed. Better yet, the live threat map delivers the most comprehensive threat intelligence-drive solutions, enabling security teams to address threats throughout the cyber threat lifecycle.

On the other hand, the SonicWall Live Cyber Attacks Map provides a graphical view of worldwide attacks over the last 24 hours. The tool typically shows the countries being attacked and the sources of those attacks. What’s more, the SonicWall solution reveals various attack types, including malware, ransomware, intrusion attempts, encrypted traffic, phishing, and spam attempts.

However, while selecting a live cyber-attack map to dig in attackers’ heels, always differentiate those tools that show live attack data from those that record past attacks. Secondly, select live threat maps that uncover different types of cybercrime, not just widespread attacks like the distributed denial of service (DDoS).

Finally, while dependable live cyber-attack maps provide valuable information to help you study past attack styles and identify system outages, it is difficult to fully map all digital attacks online since they constantly change. Additionally, the maps primarily display anonymous traffic data that can be challenging to understand and translate to actions.

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